Christmas Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack

Christmas Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

*This is the Party Ready Pack (boxed set) of the Christmas neighborhood scavenger hunt game. You will receive the task sheets in sealed & labeled envelopes for 5 teams along with host and team instructions, team selection squares, 25 Tyvek paper event bracelets, a score sheet and the 'not minding the Captain' sheets. Would you rather purchase the instant download version of this game? Click here to download today!

This Christmas Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Game is an entertaining challenge that allows you and your guests to compete in an ultimate merry race against time. The scavenger hunt party will be a huge success as long as you and your guests relax, strategize and take some hilarious proof pictures to provide lifelong memories. *This game is optimal if it is done with one hour of daylight left in the day so both picture proofs can be taken during the day and at night(the hunt is 2 hours long) after the Christmas decor is illuminated in the neighborhood!
Some examples of the Christmas-spirited tasks are as follows:

TASK: Spell out the word 'ELF' on the sidewalk with your bodies. The word must be legible in the picture proof!

TASK: Locate a snowman. The snowman can be real (snow) or fake (decor). Get a picture proof of the snowy dude with one of your team members. Use trick photography as you need to stay on the sidewalk!

TASK: Locate a red or a green car. Take a picture proof of 2 team members posing like happy elves with the car in the background. Be creative!

TASK: Find a house that has only red and green Christmas lights as Christmas decor on their house. Get a picture proof of the lights on the house with one member pretending to be a reindeer. Be creative and use trick photography as you need to stay on the sidewalk!

Now picture that! Competition in the Christmas-spirit, right! You'll have those great picture proofs of the scavenger hunt that you and your friends/family/co-workers can enjoy for a lifetime!