Wild West Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download

Wild West Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download
Item# WEST

Product Description

A Wicked Wild West 'About Town' Scavenger Hunt for at least two teams (no limit of how many) and an unlimited amount of guests. This is the instant download version of the game - no waiting!

This is the instant download version of the game. Do you want our staff to prepare your scavenger hunt game for you? Click here for the Party Ready Pack version of the game.

Now this is the ultimate experience for any group of people ages 7 to 110 that want to compete at being the best Wild West hunters! This scavenger hunt game would be perfect for any occasion you want to feel like cowpokes with at least 7 of your closest friends and family members!! For 8+ guests - no maximum - woo hooo! The 30 fun-filled Wild West themed scavenger hunt tasks in this scavenger hunt are all cowpoke friendly!

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:
EXAMPLE: Find any arcade game with a plastic gun as a prop / controller. Pose with the plastic gun like you are aiming at your enemy at a gunfight at the O.K. Corral. The picture proof must be of the gun pose of one team member with the arcade in the background.

EXAMPLE: Locate the following items: a cowboy hat, red bandana, a sheriff's badge (toy), and a toy gun. Pose with these items like you just got what you needed and are about to ride off into the sunset on your horse!

EXAMPLE: When outlaws are in danger of being discovered when they stroll into a new town, they have to disguise themselves quickly. Go to any cosmetics counter and try to disguise yourself using only make-up. Use the disposable applicators with the testers. Take a picture proof of the act of disguising the face. The disguised face must still be there during judging for credit as successful on this task.

Can you imagine that? Hysterical! And these are only three of the thirty fun tasks you will find in the game kit!