Vampire Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack

Vampire Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

A spooky vampire-themed scavenger hunt game! This party is for ages 7 to 99 (if you are 100 years old, it might be hard to get around and you might slow down your group - but if you are an ambulatory 100 year on!) Any group size but a minimum of 8 players for a minimum of 2 teams (4 players on each team).

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This is the Party Ready Pack option of the vampire scavenger hunt game - we also offer an instant download of the game. With the Party Ready Pack option, we will print your game, cut out your team selection squares and 'not minding the captain' signs and will put your task sheets into brightly colored and sealed envelopes for the 5 teams (or more if you choose the option to have more teams above in the drop down box). No hassle, no fuss and the host can play along with the rest!

This scavenger hunt is an awesome challenge that allows you and your friends to compete in an ultimate race against time. The party will be a perfect success for any occasion as long as you and your guests relax, focus on strategy and take some fun picture proofs to provide lifelong memories.

Gettin' the party started:

When the guests are ready, they will draw for teams using the team selection squares in the party pack. Then, the teams will select leaders (i.e. a captain, a navigator, a driver, a camera operator, and a safety manager) and then they will navigate their way about town completing a list of fun tasks while obtaining fun 'picture proofs' along the way!

The team who makes it back to home base with the most successfully completed tasks verified by 'picture proofs'...wins!

If you seriously want to host a party that everyone will be talking about...this party is for YOU!

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:

EXAMPLE: Locate a person - not on your team - that has 'honey' colored eyes. Convince them to allow you to take a close up picture proof of their eye color and then another picture proof with a team member pointing at (but not touching) their eye.

EXAMPLE: Locate the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Have two members of your team pose in the picture proof as a nurturing teacher reading this book to an eager student. The cover of the book must show in the picture proof.

EXAMPLE: Vampires feed on blood. So it makes logical sense that their favorite color is red. Find any person who has red hair (any shade but it cannot be questionable) that is wearing a red shirt, dress &/or jacket. The team members are to pose as happy vampires in the picture proof with this crimson-wearing person. Be creative!

Can you imagine that? Hysterical! And these are only three of the thirty fun tasks you will find in the game kit!