Tyvek Event Bracelets

Tyvek Event Bracelets
You will get 5 players for 5 colorful teams (neon pink, neon orange, neon green, bright blue, purple) with your order. Do you need additional players on the 5 teams?:  Would you like to add 5 more teams (red, yellow, gold, silver, white) to your event?: 

Product Description

Divide your guests into 5 colorful teams for one of our scavenger hunt parties, and use Scavenger Planet Tyvek event bracelets to show team colors!

Each lot contains 25 bracelets with the Scavenger Planet logo and a tag line 'let the games begin' included - 5 bracelets of each standard color (hot pink, orange, lime, turquoise and purple) for the 5 teams of each scavenger hunt party!

Having a bigger party? Add more to each team (by using the drop down box above) &/or add more teams but selecting 5 more teams (red, yellow, gold, silver, white)!

team colors

There may be slight variations in colors of bracelets. We are unable to mix and match colors.