Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

Are you and at least 7 of your family members and friends ready for a fun Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt adventure?

This is the party ready pack version of the game - Scavenger Planet staff will prepare & ship your kit - party ready! A no hassle, no fuss party prep for the host who wants to play along with the rest! Would you rather purchase the instant download version of this game? Click here to download today!

This Thanksgiving scavenger hunt game is an entertaining challenge that allows you and your guests to compete in an ultimate race against time. The scavenger hunt party will be a huge success as long as you and your guests relax, strategize and take some hilarious proof pictures to provide lifelong memories. In summary, the guests will draw for scavenger hunt teams and navigate their way in their own cars about the town to complete a list of Thanksgiving-related tasks. The team who makes it back to home base (the host's party location) with the most successfully completed tasks verified by 'picture proofs'...wins!

There are 5 copies for 5 teams of the 30 TASKS in this game. If you have more than 5 teams - just simply make more copies of the game sheets!
Some examples of the Thanksgiving-related tasks are as follows:

EXAMPLE ONE: Go to any fast food restaurant and purchase some French fries (or find someone about to throw some away that they are finished with) and spell out ‘We Are Thankful’ with the French fries. The picture proof is of the Thanksgiving message with at least one team member’s face looking very proud. *Do this on a clean surface in case you want to eat them afterwards and not waste them!

EXAMPLE TWO: Make a copy of one team member's hand - with their fingers spread open wide. Make the hand photocopy into a beautiful turkey by using pens, markers, etc. Give this Thanksgiving creation to anyone not on your team. The picture proof is of the team member handing the hand-turkey drawing to someone.

EXAMPLE THREE: Go to any cosmetic counter and draw a turkey on one team member's cheek. Take a picture proof of it and in order for this task to count as successful, the team member should still have the turkey on their cheek during judging.

Now picture that! Hilarious, right! You'll have those great picture proofs of the scavenger hunt that you and your friends/family/co-workers can enjoy for a lifetime!