Amazing Teen Scavenger Hunt Game - Instant Download

Amazing Teen Scavenger Hunt Game - Instant Download

Product Description

Invite 8 or more guests (no maximum), ages ~12 and up. Hellooooooo! You totally have to out-do everyone at your school and host the Amazing Teen Scavenger Hunt!

Do you want our staff to prepare your scavenger hunt game for you? Click here for the Party Ready Pack version of the game.

This scavenger hunt game is an awesome photo scavenger hunt challenge that allows you and your friends to compete in an ultimate race against time. The party will be a ginormous success for any occasion as long as you and your guests relax, focus on strategy and take some fun picture proofs to provide lifelong memories.

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:

TASK: Locate a green sequin and take a picture proof with one of your team members sticking it to their face like a Marilyn Monroe mole.

TASK: Get a picture with any living animal. Be very careful of animals that bite or harbor disease -the safety manager should be on top of this one. The animal cannot be a pet of any of the team members or the host.

TASK: Find any type of amusement ride - it can be for little kids or a roaring roller coaster at an amusement park. The picture should be of a team member riding it and enjoying it.
Can you imagine that? Hysterical! And these are only three of the thirty fun tasks you will find in the game kit!