Super Scavenger Hunt Accessory Kit

Super Scavenger Hunt Accessory Kit
How many paper Tyvek bracelets do you need?:  How many pens do you need?:  How many 6*9 colored envelopes do you need?:  What about Awards Certificates?: 

Product Description

So, you've purchased your downloadable scavenger hunt party and you're ready to set out about town, about a neighborhood, on a road rally or in the wilderness on a fun scavenger hunt - are ya?

Why not get a Scavenger Hunt Prop Kit and make your party planning a little easier!

Each kit comes with:

  • 25 paper event Tyvek bracelets (5 each of 5 standard team colors (pink, orange, lime, turquoise, purple) for 5 teams). The paper event Tyvek bracelets are very useful in distinguishing team mates in large groups.

  • 5 6*9 brightly colored envelopes (pink, orange, lime, turquoise, purple) to seal away the task sheets for each team (for 5 teams). More colors of envelopes (#6-10 in red, yellow, gold, silver and white) are available in the drop down box above.

  • 5 Bic Scavenger Planet 'Let the games begin!' pens (1 for each team). Some games have coded messages and a pen would be quite handy for each team to have. Also, the Cap'n should be responsible to mark each task off as it is completed and write down the address of the task when asked to do so. This prop kit comes with 5 pens - one for each team! If you want more members to have pens - simply increase the quantity!

  • 3 Awards Certificates - Courageous Cap'n, Hasty Hunter, Flawless Photographer - printed on parchment-style paper! More types of certificates are available in the drop down box above.

*This is not a scavenger hunt game containing clues and tasks- the actual game needs to be purchased separately. This is an accessory kit that goes along with our scavenger hunt party games (see the contents above).

team colors

There may be slight variations in colors of Tyvek bracelets, and envelopes. We are unable to mix and match colors. Bic pen colors may vary.