Spooky Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack

Spooky Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

A spooktacular Halloween scavenger hunt game! This party is for ages 7 to 99 (if you are 100 years old, it might be hard to get around and you might slow down your group - but if you are an ambulatory 100 year old...party on!) Any group size but a minimum of 8 players for a minimum of 2 teams (4 players on each team). This party is designed for the Halloween season - and doesn't need to be hosted on Halloween night. Would you rather purchase the instant download version of this game? Click here to download today!

This is the Party Ready Pack option - we also offer an instant download of the game. With the Party Ready Pack option, we will print your game, cut out your team selection squares and 'not minding the captain' signs and will put your task sheets into brightly colored and sealed envelopes for the 5 teams (or more if you choose the option to have more teams above in the drop down box). No hassle, no fuss and the host can play along with the rest!

This Halloween scavenger hunt game is a spooky and entertaining challenge that allows you and your guests to compete in an ultimate spooky race against time. The scavenger hunt party will be a huge success as long as you and your guests relax, strategize and take some hilarious proof pictures to provide lifelong memories. In summary, the brave guests will draw for scavenger hunt teams and navigate their way in their own cars about the town to complete a list of spooky tasks. The team who makes it back to home base (the host's party location) with the most successfully completed tasks verified by 'picture proofs'...wins!
Some examples of the spooky tasks are as follows:

EXAMPLE ONE: Go into any haunted house (not a real one but one of the haunted houses that charge admission to scare the daylights out of you). Get any monster in the haunted house to stop trying to scare you and take a picture proof with at least two of your team members. This task counts as THREE tasks if it is done successfully.

EXAMPLE TWO: Have your team's picture made standing outside of a cemetery. Ooooooh spooky! Make sure to follow all safety precautions! Stay away from orbs!

EXAMPLE THREE: Locate an over-sized plastic witch's cauldron. One team member should balance the cauldron on top of their head and strike a disco pose. Good luck!

Now picture that! Hilariously spooky, right! You'll have those great picture proofs of the scavenger hunt that you and your friends/family/co-workers can enjoy for a lifetime!