Holiday Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack

Holiday Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

Ho, ho, ho, hey!!! Whats on your agenda for this holiday season? Why not make it a hilarious holiday scavenger hunt game for you and at least 7 of your friends? All ages, any group size - minimum of 6 players to play on at least two teams. This is an 'about town' game where 2 or more drivers will be necessary to drive the groups around town. Make this year's holiday party a challenging and fun one...and trust and depend on Scavenger Planet to assist you with your party hosting needs! Would you rather purchase the instant download version of this game? Click here to download today!

Here are some examples of the Happy Holiday Tasks:

TASK 8: The holiday season is for bargain shopping and finding the best deals! Locate the cheapest holiday-themed clothing item in town (i.e. holiday themed with a picture of a snowman, Santa, etc. – not just colors). It must be an adult size, for a human and it has to be wearable. Get a picture proof of the price tag with the item in the picture proof. Each team attempting this challenge will receive a task point and an additional bonus task point will go to the team who finds the cheapest holiday-themed clothing item.

TASK 9: Go to any store and locate the following items: a plum, sugar, and anything resembling a ‘wand.’ One of your team members is to pose as a ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ from the Nutcracker. Since the Nutcracker is a ballet – the team member should be in a valid ballet pose while holding these items artistically. Be creative and graceful!

TASK 10: Take a picture of 1 team member ice skating. If you do not have an ice skating rink or public ice skating area in your town, you can change this task to roller skating – but ONLY if it is not available within 15 miles. The picture proof is of the elegant ice skating team member.

TASK 11: Locate a life-sized nutcracker (5 feet tall or above). One member is to pose just like it in the picture proof.