Roman Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack

Roman Scavenger Hunt Game - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

Have you ever wanted to pretend you were an Ancient Roman for a few hours? Why not throw on a toga with at least 7 of your friends and do a fun scavenger hunt? All ages, any group size - minimum of 6 players to play on at least two teams. This is an 'about town' game where 2 or more drivers will be necessary to drive the groups around town. Would you rather purchase the instant download version of this game? Click here to download today!

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:
TASK 4: A man in Ancient Rome wore a toga and a woman wore a traditional stola. The Statue of Liberty happens to be wearing a stola. Find any replica of the Statue of Liberty- a figurine, stuffed toy, published photo, etc. Have a picture proof made with one team member mimicking the State of Liberty.

TASK 5: An Italian agricultural community along the Mediterranean Sea grew into the Ancient Roman Empire. Mediterranean Monk Seals were plenty in number back then but today are facing extinction. Locate a seal of any kind and have your picture proof made mimicking the seal. Any team that locates real, live seal will receive an additional 2 successful task bonus points and therefore this task will count as 3 successful points.

TASK 6: Romans liked to decorate their gladiator helmets with plumes of feathers. Locate white feather boas and pose with them in the picture proof in an ultra-creative fashion. The team with the most creative picture proof will earn an additional bonus task point. If only one team accomplishes this task, they automatically win the additional bonus point.

TASK 7: Ancient Rome in 7th Century BC was influenced by the Greek poetry of Homer. Locate the book ‘Homer: The Odyssey.’ Get a picture proof of a team member holding this book looking confused as to why they’re holding this book.

Alright, now you can't wait to get on your toga and compete 'about town' against your friends!