Mission Not Impossible Teen Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download

Mission Not Impossible Teen Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download

Product Description

Now this is a MAJOR COOL way to host a scavenger hunt party for you and at least 7 of your coolest friends!

This is the instant download version of the game. Do you want our staff to prepare your scavenger hunt game for you? Click here for the Party Ready Pack version of the game.

This teen scavenger hunt party is the ultimate secret agent themed mission. For 8+ guests - no maximum - woo hooo! This can be for any type of scavenger hunt party - all girls , all boys or mix it up and have a couple's party! The 30 top secret tasks in this scavenger hunt are all mission not impossible!

Here are a couple of examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:
EXAMPLE ONE: Be excellent spies and get a picture proof of at least 2 members of another scavenger hunt team without their knowledge of the picture proof. Nobody from the other team can be looking directly at the camera. Good luck! This task doesn't count unless the game has started and it does not count once the 2 hour time limit is up.

EXAMPLE TWO: When spies are in danger of being discovered, they have to disguise themselves quickly. Go to any cosmetics counter and try to disguise yourself using only make-up. Use the disposable applicators with the testers. Take a picture proof of the act of disguising the face. The disguised face must still be there during judging for credit as successful on this task.

For an added spy-worthy challenge - the last 5 tasks are in secret codes that needs to be deciphered by the team!

Can you imagine that? Hysterical! And these are only five of the thirty fun tasks you will find in the game kit.