Mission Not Impossible Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Game - Instant Download

Mission Not Impossible Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Game - Instant Download

Product Description

Now this is the ultimate experience for any group of people ages 7 to 110 that want to compete at being the best international neighborhood spies! This scavenger hunt game would be perfect for any occasion! As long as you've got 8+ people in the neighborhood wanting to play...it is game on! For 8+ guests - no maximum - woo hooo! The 30 mission-themed neighborhood scavenger hunt tasks in this scavenger hunt are all neighborhood friendly!

This is the instant download version of the game. Do you want our staff to prepare your Scavenger Hunt Game for you? Click here for the Party Ready Pack version of the game.

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:
EXAMPLE ONE: Locate anyone -not on your team - wearing dark sunglasses. They might also be a secret agent -you never know when you're a spy who you can trust. Take a picture proof of 2 team members with this person. The members in the picture proof must pose with 'finger guns' like secret agents.

EXAMPLE TWO:30 MINUTES AFTER THE GAME COMMENCES AND NOT A MINUTE BEFORE: be excellent spies and get a picture proof of at least 2 members of another scavenger hunt team - without their knowledge of the picture proof. Nobody from the other team can look directly at the camera. This task doesn't count unless the game started at least 30 minutes prior or if the 2 hour time limit is up. It also does not count on the host's street. One picture proof per street - per team is all that is allowed. You cannot 'photo shoot' an unsuspecting team for multiple task points! Get your one picture proof and move on before they notice you- or they might get your team!!

EXAMPLE THREE: An international spy should have the ability to read multiple languages. Locate a sign, street name, bumper sticker, etc. that has a word that is written in a foreign language (i.e. anything other than English). One member should pose by the sign with an expression that conveys they know exactly what it says.

EXAMPLE FOUR: In the field, you'll never know when you need to blend in with the environment. Locate 5 shades of vegetation (leaves) and make a camouflage collage (you can use scotch tape) and have your picture proof made with one team member holding the collage and pretending to be 'out of sight' and camouflaged with the environment.

Can you imagine that? Awesome! And these are only four of the thirty fun tasks you will find in the game kit.

**Please note: the hunters must stay on the sidewalk - we do not encourage nor allow in any way for the hunters to enter the property of your neighbors in any way, shape or form!

For an added mission-worthy challenge - the last 5 tasks are in secret codes that needs to be deciphered by the team! How is that for a challenge!!!