Eggstra Special Scavenger Hunt - Party Ready Pack

Eggstra Special Scavenger Hunt - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

This is the perfect scavenger hunt for a unique Easter Egg hunt for someone special! The Egg-stra special Easter hunt is a unique home Easter Egg hunt for 1 or more players (depending on what you choose from the drop down box above), ages 7/8 to adult.

The Party Ready Pack includes the game kit printed in color and the cards cut out for you. There are also host instructions and a Master Egg List for you. *Eggs and Candy are not Included! Would you rather purchase the instant download version of this game? Click here to download today!

To start your egg-citing Easter Egg Hunt - hand the hunter the first clue card in the chain! You can make the hunt ANY length you wish! There are 25 clue cards with codes/riddles to be solved with the answers being 25 different locations in the home (i.e. a plant, bathroom rug, coat closet, freezer, pillow case, a bookcase, etc.) and 3 customizable templates (which can be used multiple times by inputting information and printing the cards). For the Party Ready Pack version, the customized cards will be blank and you will have to manually write in your own clues. We will provide you, however, with the downloadable file in addition to the Party Ready Pack so you can have it for the future.

*We do not expect you to use all 25 clue cards - you get to choose which ones you want to use! The average hunt is 10-15 locations.

The clue cards have a coded message or a riddle on it to be solved so the hunter will know where to go next to find the next clue card! These messages are hidden inside of colorful plastic Easter Eggs. The hunter continues - as excitement builds - until they get to the last location in the hunt where you've hidden their BIG EASTER SURPRISE (i.e. a big chocolate bunny, a cuddly stuffed animal or go all out and hide a decked-out Easter basket full of goodies and toys!)

You can customize this game by using as many clue cards as you want in any order! We've also included some customizable clue cards for you to input your OWN riddles or coded messages for your hunter!

The clue cards are in various difficulty levels so you can play all ages ~ 7/8 to adult! Mix them up and have two or more hunters hunt for eggs simultaneously or even make a challenge between two or more hunters! Also, you can put candy in the message-containing eggs and / or hide small prizes at each location in the chain so your hunter can fill up their Easter basket with goodies.

This hunt can be reused for years due to the various combinations and difficulty levels of the clue cards! Plus, the custom clue cards are made by YOU!