Eggciting Kids Home Scavenger Hunt - Party Ready Pack

Eggciting Kids Home Scavenger Hunt - Party Ready Pack
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Now this is the ultimate home Easter Scavenger Hunt Game for any group of kids ages ~5-9 that want to compete at being the best riddle solvers and Easter egg hunters! You can even host this hunt for only ONE hunter!

*Younger players might need parental assistance in deciphering some of the riddles/codes but there is a parental answer key and hint guide on how to solve each puzzle.

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This is the hunt ready pack of the Easter Scavenger Hunt Game- the hunt task sheets will be printed and cut out for you. There are host instructions and a master list sheet for you in the kit. Please note: plastic Easter eggs and candy are not included in the kit!

There are 20 Easter egg hunt riddles to be placed in 20 eggs for each participant. The hunters will solve each riddle in the chain until they have found all 20 eggs. The first one to find all of their eggs - wins!

The riddles vary, but here are a few examples of the riddles:

The clue following is to be hidden next to any type of potted plant:
I am green and need the sun
In the dirt is where I have fun
I need water and a pot
And if you sing, I will grow a lot!

The clue following is to be hidden on or in a pillowcase on a kidís bed
This is where your head will softly lay
Nightíy Night is what they might say
As youíre tucked in for a good nightís sleep
Drift off to sweet dreams, donít let out a peep

The clue following is to be hidden around a mirror:
Look into me and you will see you,
Bring a friend, and Iíll show him too!

**Please note: the hunt is home-based and the host parent will set the general boundaries. You can vary the amount of challenge you impose upon the hunters by increasing the boundaries and hiding the eggs in as as easy of locations in the designated areas of the hunt for younger kids or in more difficult locations for older hunters.

Life is one fabulous party at a time - so why not make this one your next?