EGGstravagant Easter Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - Party Ready Pack

EGGstravagant Easter Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - Party Ready Pack
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Product Description

This Easter, have the ultimate experience for any group of people ages 7 to 110 that want to compete at being the best neighborhood Easter Scavenger Hunters! This Easter scavenger hunt game would be perfect for any around the Easter holiday! As long as you've got 8+ people in the neighborhood wanting to is game on!

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For 8+ guests - no maximum - woo hooo! The 30 Easter neighborhood scavenger hunt tasks in this scavenger hunt are all neighborhood friendly! For an added neighbor-worthy challenge - the last 5 tasks are in secret codes that needs to be deciphered by the team! How is that for an Easter challenge!!

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:

EXAMPLE ONE: Springtime is the perfect time to get out and exercise and enjoy the beautiful weather. Locate any two people that are outside getting exercise (i.e. joggers) and snap an action shot of these fitness gurus!

EXAMPLE TWO: Easter time is in the spring and with the spring comes rain, flowers, sunshine and lots of birds and butterflies. Locate a sign of any kind (i.e. street sign, yard sign, etc.) that has any type of spring time word or phrase (i.e. Mayflower Street). Have a picture proof made with one member pointing to this sign and acting extremely happy it's springtime! Your team cannot be the creator of this sign - it must be a sign found in the neighborhood.

EXAMPLE THREE: Locate a bird's nest in a tree. Get a picture proof of this animal's home. An additional task point will be applied to any team that can get a picture of a bird in the nest in the picture proof. You are NOT allowed to disturb the nest!

EXAMPLE FOUR: Nothing says springtime like a 'yellow flower!' Find a yellow flower and get a picture proof of it with one team member's face looking very happy - but don't pick the flower!

There is also an optional 'Golden Egg' hunt challenge included in this hunt. During the hunt, your Easter Hunters can be on the lookout for 'golden eggs' throughout the neighborhood for a fun-filled side challenge.

**Please note: the hunters must stay on the sidewalk - we do not encourage nor allow in any way for the hunters to enter the property of your neighbors in any way, shape or form!