Dallas Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download

Dallas Scavenger Hunt - Instant Download

Product Description

Host a Texas-worthy Scavenger Hunt Party!

If you live in the DFW metroplex or if you are planning an awesome party in the 'place to be', you have GOT to host 'The Quintessential DFW Metroplex Scavenger Hunt.'

Your friends will divide into teams using our team selection squares (as many as you prefer) and when the sealed task envelopes are handed to the captains - the game is ON!

The teams will navigate their way through the metroplex completing Texas-sized tasks and taking 'picture proofs' for the judging back at home base. For a challenging party across the metroplex, choose the DFW scavenger hunt for your next party!

Life is one party at a time - so why not make this one your next?