Building Scavenger Hunt Game - Instant Download

Building Scavenger Hunt Game - Instant Download

Product Description

Now this is the ultimate experience for a group who wants a challenge in any general building such as a school, church, or any office!

This game is the ultimate scavenger hunt for a building setting. For 8+ guests - no maximum - woo hooo! This scavenger hunt can be for any type of event and any ages - all ladies, all gents or mix it up! The 40 tasks in this scavenger hunt are all guaranteed to give lasting memories and lots of laughs!

GAME DESIGN: Your friends will draw for teams using our team selection squares, pick team leaders, and then the sealed task envelopes are handed to the captains to start the game! The scavenger hunt teams navigate their way about the building completing as many of the 40 awesome scavenger hunt tasks as possible while taking hilarious 'picture proofs' of them for the judging session back at home base when the time is up!

This is the instant download version of the game. Do you want our staff to prepare your scavenger hunt game for you? Click here for the Party Ready Pack version of the game.

Here are a few examples of the scavenger hunt party tasks:
TASK: Locate a mop or broom. Obtain a picture of any celebrity's face. Cut out the face and attach it to the mop/broom. One team member must pose as if they are dancing with the celebrity mop/broom in the picture proof. If the teams do not have access to a computers and / or can skip the celebrity face portion of this task and simply take a picture of your team mate dancing with the broom/mop. However, if one group figures out how to get a celebrity faced-broom/mop - then any team that doesn't have a celebrity face on their broom/mop will not receive credit for this task as being successful.

TASK: Locate a refrigerator and take out all of the condiments (i.e. ketchup, mayo, mustard, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, etc.) that are inside - bottles and packets. Create any type of building with these items. Two task points will go to the team that creates the best condiment building. (Every other team that successfully completes the task will get one task point.)

TASK: Locate a sign anywhere in the building that is advertising an upcoming event. Take a picture proof with 2 of your team members posing by the sign as happy puppies.
Hilarious, right! Can you imagine the pics that will last a lifetime? The last 15 tasks must be deciphered by the group for an added spy-worthy challenge! AND...there are added ways to sabotage and spy on other teams for bonus points!