Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Party - Instant Download

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Party - Instant Download
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Product Description

The completely fabulous bachelorette scavenger hunt! Why not have some 'clean' competition before a night out on the town! Have the girls meet 2 hours early and have a blast with a scavenger hunt! It will be a completely memorable bachelorette party event! View the sample game materials below for the game instructions and example game tasks. Do you want our staff to prepare your Scavenger Hunt Game for you? Click here for the Party Ready Pack version of the game.
Here are some example tasks for the bachelorette scavenger hunt party game:
TASK 1: Locate a bouncer and ask if he will give you a piggy back ride. The picture proof is of the ride!

TASK 6: Spell out the word ‘Bachelorette’ with any items you can find (i.e. pennies, beer caps, etc.) - on any surface (i.e. floor, table, etc.).

TASK 12: Find a lady with a yellow dress or a blue pant suit and a man wearing blue jeans. Get a picture proof made with each of you spelling out the letters “Y-M-C-A” in the picture proof like the Village People YMCA dance. If there are only two of you on a team, you’ll need to find someone to take the picture for you.